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Gooseberry Fool is a collection of timeless heirloom pieces. Our products are unique, traditional and handmade. We pride ourselves on producing classic, long lasting quality clothes and gifts for babies and toddlers. Our designs have a simple and honest feel to them, and we only use 100% organic cotton, so they are natural, comfortable and easily washable. Each baby gift comes beautifully wrapped and ready to gift.
Our ethos is to design and produce pieces that are durable and timeless. It is our aim to be as sustainable as possible, by creating long lasting quality products that can be passed through the family, thereby reducing the effect on the throwaway society. We hope you like what you see. Current turnaround time is 10-14 working days, however if you need something sooner than that then you can pay for expedited delivery at checkout.

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Dressing your baby in handmade love this Christmas. Gift ideas for the babies in your life.